Pub hits back over poor Trip Advisor review citing dog ‘begging’ at table

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Trip Advisor reviews are always a goldmine if you’re looking for some entertainment. Case in point? The argument that recently blew up between a pub and a punter after they left a scathing review.

The customer scored The Clickham Inn in Penrith, Cumbria a brutal one star on the hospitality rating website, alleging a dog begging at the table as one of the reasons they weren’t impressed with their visit.

Writing about the pub, which is the second best rated eatery in the area, the reviewer, named John, wrote: “WE WONT BE BACK !!!

The Clickham Inn allows dogs inside (Credit: Facebook/The Clickham Inn)

“Where to start ?…. I was going to write a long negative review but you would probably get bored with reading through all the issues …

“Main issue was the owner (Steve) who was so rude, abrupt and has zero customer service skills. If you like a dog barking at your table begging for food off your plate..then hey ho it maybe for you ..(sic)”

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The angry review also cited several other grievances, including the kitchen closing before they could have dessert. Addressing the issue with the dog directly, it went on: “When asked about his dog begging at everyone’s table…[the owner’s] reply was ‘it’s a dog friendly pub.'”

However, the pub weren’t going to take the complaint lightly, with owner Geri B replying: “This review was expected and anyone who read your nasty words will be interested to read the truth.”

The review alleged dogs were begging at tables (Credit: Alamy)

She then went on to detail how the customer had been rude and “self important” all evening, and noted that two members of staff had warned her about his attitude.

“I approached your table where you tried to berate me because I hadn’t introduced myself to you upon arrival,” she wrote. “You proceeded to talk over me and had an opinion on everything, I tried three times to explain that we are a dog friendly country pub that produces good quality home cooked food and not a full blown restaurant.

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“I suspect your entitled and over opinionated rudeness probably has a little to do with why your restaurant in America failed, as you told me.”


dog in a pub

The pub is proud to be dog friendly (Credit: Alamy)

The response concluded: “We are all collectively really happy that you will never be returning as we are known for being attentive and polite and its easy being nice to nice people.

“Folk can read hundreds our great reviews and then read yours, which do you think is typical of good folks experience. I imagine your review says more about you than anything else.”

Whilst there is no denying the pub’s response absolutely owned the angry punter, the topic of whether a dog should be allowed to beg at tables sparked further conversation online.

Responding after LadBible shared the news on social media, one person wrote: “Being dog friendly is one thing but said dogs being allowed by their owners to act that way is irresponsible and rude! I would have given a 1 star too.”

Meanwhile, another agreed: “Dogs shouldn’t be begging at the table. Deserves a bad review”.

dog in a pub

People were divided on the dog begging (Credit: Alamy)

However, the majority were completely on the side of the pub.

“You chose to go in to a dog friendly pub so what did you expect? You made your dog bed,” said one person.

As a fellow supporter wrote: “I’d give them an extra star for the dog.”

It looks like the jury is still out on this one.