Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Woman threatens to divorce husband because he fed vegan toddler meat behind her back


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by James Kay

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Look, we know that veganism isn’t for everyone, and it’s a personal choice…but what if two parents are at odds with each other about the sort of stuff their child should be eating?

Well, we came across a debate about just that, and it’s a meaty one (pardon the pun).

A man has sought advice after his wife threatened to divorce him… because he fed their vegan toddler meat – yikes!

The man, who goes by the title Carnivore Confusion on the forum, wrote to Jane Green at the Daily Mail – who offers a Dear Jane service, much like an agony aunt – about how he fed his child meat and his plant-based wife wasn’t happy.

The man explained that their daughter had been raised as vegan since birth, though this was his wife’s choice and he harboured concerns that it would negatively impact the young girl growing up.

The young girl had been raised as a vegan since birth. (Credit: hsyncoban/Getty)

Stating that his wife switched to a plant-based diet when they were trying to conceive, he revealed she attributed their success to her new lifestyle.

“Cut to four years later and my daughter is thriving. She loves food, has a great appetite just like her dad, and it’s something that I’ve really enjoyed sharing with her,” the dad wrote.

He went on: “Maybe a year or so ago I was eating a burger for lunch – my wife was out – and my daughter was fascinated by my food. I figured there was no harm in giving her a little taste to see how she handled it, whether it gave her stomach ache or anything like that, and she loved it.”

His wife inevitably found out and apparently exploded about what had happened, claiming that he was “poisoning” their daughter and even threatening divorce after confessing that she didn’t know whether she could trust her husband around their child.

The agony aunt didn’t take too kindly to the wife’s reaction, arguing that although she respects the decision to adopt a plant-based diet while trying to conceive, attempting to push the diet on her daughter is “pretty damn selfish”.

“The worst thing you can do – unless it is due to allergies – is ban a food group altogether,” Jane said, as this usually makes children want to try it even more.

The husband found himself in hot water after letting his daughter try a burger. (Credit: Hinterhaus Productions/Getty)

Of course, whether you should raise you child vegan is a layered and complex debate, and there isn’t one right answer. 

“Should be a joint decision with both parents reaching an agreement about their kids diet,” said one person as they saw the story on social media.

“If he didn’t agree he should have said so from the beginning not agree to the vegan diet then go behind wife’s back. Not great for a marriage or the child if they are being asked to keep secrets. These decisions should always be joint,” said someone else. 

It looks like the jury is still out on this one. Here’s hoping that the couple doesn’t split up over a burger!

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