Vegan passenger given fruit and nuts as ‘hot meal’ on 6 hour flight

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Let’s face it, in-flight meals are never much to write home about.

But one passenger was left more than a little miffed after being given a rather meagre meal when she’d asked for the vegan option on a six hour flight.

The woman in question expressed her frustration on Facebook page, London Vegans, stating that her flight with Kenya Airways was cancelled, meaning she was instead put onto a KLM Dutch Airlines flight.

Despite the change to her plans, the woman claimed she had been ensured that a vegan meal was on board for her. You can see her post and the meal she was given here. 

KLM airlines vegan meal

The vegan selection wasn’t up to scratch (Credit: Alamy)

However, she was left more than a little disappointed when she was handed a tray with a few segments of orange, some chopped-up banana, and some nuts in place of anything more substantial.

“I was informed by ground staff that a vegan meal was on board,” she said in her post. “This is what a joke looks like. 

“After being outright lied to by #klmroyaldutchairlines Ghanaian ground staff this was my hot meal aboard a 6-hour flight.

“The KLM crew were amazing and did their best but their best wasn’t good enough, no FREE upgrade and no food!” 

She added: “Being vegan isn’t high maintenance as I have severe allergies to animal products…thank God I don’t have a nut allergy or I would have been on fruit rations.

klm airlines vegan inflight meal

The KLM flight’s vegan meal was a little meagre (Credit: Alamy)

She continued: “Now awaiting my connecting flight without even a meal voucher. This is what hungry feels like!!”

Reacting to the video, it’s safe to say that fellow vegans weren’t too impressed with the offering, either.

“In 2023 that’s [simply] outrageous,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “Sorry you’ve had this experience, I’ve had similar but in 2014 and ever since I’ve always carried food just in case!”

“As ex crew it’s obvious what happened here. Catering forgot or didn’t get the memo for your vegan special meal so the crew have rallied together to try and feed you what they have onboard,” said somebody else. “I hear your frustration.”

Whilst it’s highly likely this was a complication due to the flight cancellation and last minute change, we certainly feel this customer’s pain.