Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Vegan demands neighbour stops BBQing meat due to ‘sickening smell’ in angry letter


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Nasima Khatun

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A vegan neighbour has demanded that a family stop BBQing meat because of the smell, and it has sparked a debate online. 

Kylie, who lives in the coastal suburb of Burns Beach in Western Australia, held a gathering over the weekend to celebrate King Carles III Coronation, and got the BBQ out so that her guests could really live it up.

However, while the guests might have been having the time of their lives, it seems as though her neighbour – who clearly wasn’t invited to the shindig – was not.

bbq barbecue vegan neighbour meat

The vegan neighbour wasn’t happy with the meaty scent (Credit: Alamy)

In a strongly-worded letter addressed to Kylie, the neighbour threatened to report her for cooking meat, because the smell was “sickening.”

Taking to social media on Tuesday, the Aussie reposted a screenshot of the note which read: “’Hello Kylie, you are taking the micky out of me and have been downright rude.

“I raised my concerns of the smell of meat making my family sick and upset and you go and have a BBQ on Saturday night, inviting lots of people and you knew this would affect me and my family,” she continued. “My friend Tina told me you took my letter to social media and it backfired on you which is ‘just desserts.’”

Sarah then pleads with her to end the BBQ nightmare.

“Please no more BBQs and please keep that window closed when cooking otherwise I’m going to report you and go to social media too,” the letter adds

Hundreds took to the comments to leave their opinions on the matter, with some siding with the neighbour while others slammed her for trying to tell others how to live their lives.

“Wow….. not hard to shut her own windows. Lucky she has a nice neighbour cus I wouldn’t take to that kindly,” said one person. 

“Especially being told you pretty much can’t even have a BBQ out the back. Let her report. Keep cooking that lovely BBQ and enjoy the foods you want to eat. You are in your own house and within your own boundaries. You should be able to cook what you want.”

Another added that they would be having another party at Kylie’s place with more meat and more alcohol, just to rile the neighbour up further. 

meat bbq tiktok video neighbour

Would you take your meat off the BBQ for a neighbour? (Credit: Alamy)

“Vegan people think they are entitled always trying to push their way of life onto everyone,” a fellow argued.

As a fourth fumed: “Wow I would cook a BBQ for my family every night if I received this and I don’t eat meat.”

There were varied opinions, though. Another claimed that both neighbours were both in the wrong, saying: “It’s such a shame that this is our society now no commUNITY!!

“If [you’re] asking someone to shut their window just shut your bloody own…you can’t tell another person how to live their lives or what to do, you make the changes for yourself [and] if your neighbour has asked you something kindly that you don’t agree with address is it person respectfully like an adult.”

This wasn’t the first hand-written note the family dealt with from the neighbours, which might explain the raging tone.

A few days prior, an initial note had been slipped to them. Though it was worded slightly less angrily, it was still built on the same premise.

“Could you please shut your side window when cooking please?” it read. “’My family are vegan, and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset. We would appreciate your understanding.”

Big yikes. 

meat bbq tiktok video neighbour

The summer has seen several BBQ debates already (Credit: Alamy)

It turns out they didn’t listen and still threw their Coronation party – but were they in the wrong? It looks like the jury is still out on this one.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen clashes over meaty BBQs, as another individual recently shared a TikTok of their vegan neighbour kicking off because of the food they were cooking.

In the clip, re-shared by meme account @brandz100, a woman can be seen barbecuing a hefty amount of meat in what appears to be a shared garden.

But she’s interrupted by a neighbour appearing, and asking her to stop.

You can watch that, and see how people responded, here. 

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