Vegan wedding guest sparks debate after slamming ‘pathetic’ meal

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A vegan wedding guest has shared their outrage after posting a picture of the meal she was served at a recent reception.

The picture was published on the guest’s social media account, and displays a plate with a handful of dry rocket leaves, three small pieces of rockmelon and honeydew melon, and a few drops of what looks like balsamic dressing.

The woman – who goes by the handle @nerdzrope – captioned the bland meal as: “Vegan option at a wedding,” along with a rolling eyes emoji – which was very fitting. 

Check out the post below: 

The dish has since been re-posted on Reddit where it caused controversy amongst several users. 

The poster seemingly slammed the bride and groom as they penned: “Please be considerate about peoples’ choices at your wedding.”

Other people agreed that the newlyweds should’ve been more attentive, as one person criticised: “As a die-hard carnivore, even I know how much vegan food has improved in the past few decades. This is just pathetic.”

Another person blasted: “I’d be pissed if my venue pulled this on me. This has reminded me to hound them for my menu options to approve as a good 15 percent of guests are vegan.”

As a third remarked: “I would have been absolutely livid. But at least you got the wine!”

Credit: Reddit

Credit: Reddit

A fellow user interjected: “It’s been wild to me to see brochures with 5+ red meat main options, but not even a description of what non-meat mains are available.

“5-10 [percent] of the population here is vegetarian or vegan. Non-vegetarian caterers advertising their veg-friendly options is STANDARD outside weddings, so how are wedding vendors still treating vegetarian options like some onerous special request?”

Meanwhile, some people said that it’s not really the married couple’s responsibility for the vegan meal choice, but rather the nuptials’ caterers. 

A chef stated: “As a chef – that’s not the couple, that’s a poorly run kitchen. No self respecting chef would serve this.”

Credit: Reddit

While a second user added: “The only thing I’ll say is that this is an issue with the venue not necessarily the couple. I’m vegetarian and I know when we initially asked about vegetarian/vegan options at our venue they kind of waved us off with a ‘yea, we totally have that’.

“But since I knew I would be eating it I asked for a sample and it was just going to be the vegetables and potatoes from one of the meat dishes.”

Who do you guys think is responsible for the dull vegan meal?