People are sharing the food combos they should be cancelled for

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In the comfort of our own homes, we’ve all been known to throw some weird and wonderful foods together from time-to-time.

But sausages and cereal? Ketchup on waffles? Now, these we aren’t so sure about…

The simply bizarre food combinations were shared on social media, after Twitter user, @trichesfaucons, wrote: “We’re cancelling each other over food takes today. Post your cancellable food take.”

And some of them are literally stomach-churning – seriously, you guys don’t deserve nice ingredients.

This is the question that sparked all the ‘dramz (Credit: Twitter)

Responding to the question on Twitter, one user wrote “don’t hate it until you try it,” followed by a picture of pasta with Nutella spread and cheese on top.

weird food combinations twitter

No, just no (Credit: Twitter)

Meanwhile, another shared a picture of mayonnaise and banana in a sandwich, writing: “This is delicious and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise”.

weird food combinations twitter

We love mayo – but there’s a line (Credit: Twitter)

A third shared a video spurting Heinz ketchup onto their sweet waffles. But the worst response might well be a picture of Lucky Charms cereal with chunks of sausage bobbing in the milk.

weird food combinations twitter

Ketchup waffle, anyone? (Credit: Twitter)

This one is particularly jarring (Credit: Twitter)

We’ll try most foods, but did anyone else literally shudder at the sight of that?!

Other abominations included a donut sliced in half and used as a bun for a cheeseburger, the suggestion that “banana belongs on pizza” and a picture of a sausage and olive jelly.

What – and we can’t stress this enough – on earth (Credit: Twitter)

There really are no words.

Of course, there were also plenty of food combos which we kind of understood, even if they were a bit odd.

One of these was tinned pineapple and a glace cherry on a cheese and ham toastie – Hawaiian style, if you will (we may have left the cherry in the jar, but overall, we get what they were going for).

Meanwhile, another was Supernoodles on buttered toast (carbs on carbs, right? What’s not to love?).

weird food combinations twitter

Bin the cherry and we’re not mad at this (Credit: Twitter)

The very worst suggestions in the Twitter thread were initially shared by Bored Panda, and have since gone viral on the app, causing lively debate over which combinations are truly cancellable. Spoiler alert: we think it’s most of them.

Here at Twisted, we’re all for quirky food mash-ups, but if you wanna do it properly, you might as well just follow one of our tried and tested fusion recipes.

As far as we’re concerned, anyone eating Nutella and cheese pasta needs a long, hard look in the mirror.