Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Woman abandoned by date with £150 bill after ordering 48 oysters


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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A woman has sparked debate online after revealing her date did a runner when she ordered 48 oysters to the table.

TikToker @equanaaa explained she had agreed to go on a date with a man who had been interested for some time, and they ended up at Fontaine’s Oyster House in Atlanta in the US.

At the restaurant, she decided she might as well try the star dish in the restaurant, and so ordered 12 for herself.

The oysters came at $15 (£12.34) a piece, and she was such a fan that she decided to order three more plates…(turns out her date was a little shocked at this!

“Y’all, when the fourth [plate] came out, he was looking at me crazy. I didn’t give a f*ck!” she told the camera. “I’m like, ‘Baby, you invited me out. I’m going to eat.'”

Watch the clip below: 


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After the hefty oyster order, the woman went on to sample the crab cakes and potatoes, with lemon drop martinis for good measure.

But not long after the bill landed on the table, the date decided to slip away from the table.

You guessed it – he never returned.

Shocked that her date had left her in the lurch, the woman messaged him saying: “Running out on a tab is crazyyy.”

The man stood firm, pointing out that the TikToker had overspent on food when he’d invited her for drinks.

“I offered to take you out for drinks and you ordered all that food,” he said in reply. “I can CashApp the total for the drinks.”

Reacting to the video, people were in disbelief at just how much the woman ordered. We mean, you do you, but on a date?!

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The woman’s date did a runner after all the food orders (Credit: Getty)

“You eating 48 oysters, a whole meal and multiple drinks in that short window is INSANE,” said one person in the comments.

“Girll.. DRINKS. not 48 oysters, potatoes and crab cakes?,” another chimed in.

Whilst a third joked: “The way i would’ve dislocated my ankle tryna get out there.”

‘Yeah u was trippn,’ said someone else. 

There were others who thought the whole debacle was so crazy it bordered on incredible.

“Omg I have never laughed so hard!! The clip I didn’t know I needed you are a queen!!,” one woman responded.

As another said: “Ma’am I needed this laugh.”

You have to admire the ballsiness, if nothing else!

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