Woman sparks debate after upsetting cashier by refusing to tip for ice cream

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Tipping culture causes arguments across the globe, and we all know different parts of the world have different views on what is deemed acceptable.

In the US, tipping can often be seen as a necessity as opposed to a nice gesture, but that can sometimes cause friction between a customer and hospitality staff.

One woman across the pond has angered a worker who served her a frozen treat – who would have thought that a $2 (£1.61) ice cream could be the source of such a heated debate?

The TikTok user, Syd, who goes by the handle @poorandhungry_, posted a video about her experience at her local Ben and Jerry’s where things took a bit of a turn.


Those tip screens are OUT OF CONTROL #tip #tipping #cringe #customerservice

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She explained that she had a hunger for a “fresh, warm, [waffle] cone,” which honestly seems like a reasonable thing to be craving.

The charge for the cone came to $2 (£1.61), but Syd was shocked when she came to pay to find that the option to tip was on the screen.

“I didn’t say this out loud, but in my head I was like, I’m not tipping you on a cone. You literally just offered me a cone,” Syd explained.

Describing the percentages as “insane”, the TikToker was pretty firm when she stated that she refused to tip $1 (81p) for a $2(£1.61) cone.

Syd hit the no-tip option on the screen, and it’s then that she claims that the cashier made a pretty obvious hand gesture to let her know that she was displeased with the lack of tip.

The waffle cone caused a debate about tipping.

The $2 waffle cone sparked a heated debate. Credit: Lukas / Pexels

The TikToker was obviouslt put out by the reaction of the cashier, and she described her behaviour as “inappropriate,” adding that even if she bought $100 (£80.62) worth of ice cream, she still has the right not to tip.

“There wasn’t even a service being exchanged…It was a transaction. It wasn’t an act of service,” Syd concluded.

It’s safe to say that viewers of the video had some thoughts on the matter that they wanted to share as they flooded the comment section with their opinions.

“I am 100 [percent] about tipping at restaurants, but the tipping culture has gotten out of control. They want it everywhere,” one person penned.

A second added: “There was a tipping screen at one of those frozen yoghurt places where you get everything yourself. I did all the work! Tip for what?”

Syd went into the store for a waffle cone.

The TikToker was left shocked when she was asked to tip on a $2 waffle cone. Credit: Valeriia Miller / Pexels

Some people sided with the cashier, as another comment read: “But who scooped the cone? Who rang the cash register? You should have given 10%. A quarter would have been easy.”

Ice cream is supposed to be a time of pure happiness, but on this occasion, it was anything but.