People are divided on whether a Yorkshire pudding belongs on a Christmas dinner

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It’s a debate as old as time, but as the festive period rears its head again, we’re being faced with the age old question – do you have Yorkshire puddings with Christmas dinner?

Yup, there are a few things you can guarantee every year. For one, the Marks and Spencer Christmas advert will make you cry and a relative will almost certainly annoy you with their political opinions over the Christmas table.

But another given is that people will be bickering over whether to include a Yorkie on their dinner tables – and to that we say, let’s all stop the questioning and let people live!

You can find people arguing about this on all corners of the web right now, but as you’d expect, there are some pretty passionate opinions on Twitter.

yorkshire pudding

Do you eat Yorkshire puddings with your Christmas dinner? (Credit: Alamy)

“Never trust anyone that doesn’t have Yorkshire pudding on their Christmas Dinner. Weirdos!,” wrote one person this week. 

Whilst another wrote: “Yes. Yorkshire pudding does belong on Christmas dinner. Why is that even a question?”

A third replied, bluntly: “No Yorkshire Pudding on a Christmas dinner? I’ve never heard of anything so tragic!

As a fourth chimed in: “You’re a criminal if you specifically don’t have a Yorkshire pudding with your Christmas dinner.”

yorkshire pudding christmas dinner

Credit: Twitter

yorkshire pudding on christmas dinner

Credit: Twitter

There were many who disagreed, though.

Yorkshire Pudding on Christmas Dinner is everything that’s wrong with this country. Worse than chips on a Full English. What happened to deferred gratification? Beef. They’re for Beef!” said one. 

As a fellow critic concurred: “Whilst I love a Yorkshire pudding, I do not want them on my Christmas dinner #controversial.”

“You know I LOVE a Yorkshire pudding but having a Yorkshire pudding makes it just seem like ‘every other roast dinner’. And that’s not right,” said somebody else. 

As another agreed: “Yorkshire Pudding does not belong on a Christmas Dinner and you can fight me about it but you’re wrong.”

Is it traditional to have Yorkshire puddings with Christmas dinner?

Now, we frankly think there’s room for a Yorkshire pud on any table, all year round, but if you’re wondering whether Yorkshire puddings technically belong on a Christmas dinner, we’re afraid the answer is no.

Originating back in the 1700s in the North of England, the Yorkshire pudding was originally served as an accompaniment to beef. In fact, that’s why it’s also known as ‘dripping pudding,’ – something to use up the extra beef fat.

christmas dinner

Some people are adamant they shouldn’t be included (Credit: Alamy)

As for the humble Christmas dinner? That has existed in its traditional form since at least the 1500s, when turkeys arrived in Britain, meaning people had been eating the bird for centuries before Yorkshire puddings became a roast dinner mainstay.

Of course, here at Twisted, you know we take tradition with a healthy pinch of salt. After all, mixing things up is always more fun, isn’t it?

And by the same logic, we’d have to wave goodbye to pigs in blankets, too (a fate that’s not even worth imagining)…

So, we say enjoy a Yorkshire pudding on whatever day you like – we certainly won’t be judging!