People are turning their leftover Yorkshire puddings into desserts

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We’ll be honest, we don’t often have many Yorkshire puddings left at the end of our Sunday dinner.

But on the rare occasion you do find yourself filling up on the rest of the trimmings, the good news is that your leftover Yorkies don’t have to go to waste.

A new trend is sweeping social media, and we’re very on board with it: people are turning their surplus Yorkshire Puds into desserts.

yorkshire pudding roast dinner

The Yorkshire Pud has evolved beyond a roast accompaniment (Credit: Alamy)

Sweet Yorkshire puds are actually nothing new. In fact, in the States they make a very similar food called a popover out of an egg based batter, which is commonly enjoyed with applesauce, jam or ice cream.

But here in the UK, it’s a little more of a foreign concept. That’s why when Instagram food blogger, Laura Nightingale, shared the idea, people were pretty excited. 

“Got leftover Yorkshire puddings? Turn them into cinnamon sugar dough balls,” she wrote. “Simply toss leftover Yorkies in cinnamon sugar and gobble up. Delish.”

It really is that easy, too. Don’t believe us? Check out the video for yourself:

In the clip, Laura, who runs page @cakeontherun, can be seen sprinkling cinnamon and sugar in a bowl before rolling around the Yorkshire puds in the mixture, so they absorb all the delicious flavours.

The end result looks kinda like a doughnut (and, honestly, we’re sold).

“Omg this is genius,” wrote one person in the comments.

As another said: “What a great idea! Delicious!”.

Others echoed our sentiments, though, stating that they don’t often have any Yorkshire puds leftover.

yorkshire puddings dessert reaction

Leftover Yorkies? What leftover Yorkies? (Credit: Instagram/ cakeontherun)

But believe it or not, Laura isn’t the only one knocking the roast dinner staple into a dessert – in fact, far from it.

Over on TikTok, user @lilyghodrati also shared a recipe to convert Yorkshire puds into something sweet. In this instance, cronuts. 

The recipe itself isn’t dissimilar from Laura’s, except for the fact she uses bigger, shop bought Yorkshire puddings with a hole in the centre, and brushes them in butter before slathering on sugar and cinnamon.

The TikToker also dollops a ball of vanilla ice cream in the centre of the Yorkie, just to take it to another level (you can check out her recipe, here).

User @harrisonwebb97 is another who has converted the Yorkshire pud from a savoury side dish to a sweet treat, sharing an even easier recipe on his feed, which literally involves dolloping ice cream in the centre of the puds and garnishing them with icing sugar and berries. 

Truthfully, there’s no right or wrong way to pimp out your Yorkshire pudding, it all depends on what you’re craving and what you have in the fridge.

We have to admit we’re fully sold on the idea of a sweet one now. The only hurdle? Making sure we don’t eat them all beforehand!