Turkey-shaped butter is here just in time for Thanksgiving

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a lineup of novelty turkey items. If an alien ever landed in North America in mid-November, they could be forgiven for assuming that planet earth worships a strange feathered god whose offspring we ritually eat. For an animal that appears on countless cute and cuddly trinkets, we have a surprisingly laissez-faire attitude to their annual slaughter. If only they weren’t so damn tasty. 

This year, turkey memorabilia fans can add yet another pointless yet endearing addition to their collection, in the form of Keller’s Creamery’s new turkey-shaped butter. The spread, which comes in the shape of a seated gobbler, is both a fitting tribute to and a sinister reminder of the animal that makes Thanksgiving so awesome. 

Each miniature bird weighs around four ounces and retails for $3.99, making them an affordable way to show your respect for the dinner centrepiece. According to a report in Taste of Home, they will be available in most major grocery stores, including Publix, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Acme and Jewel. 

Watch Is How To Carve A Turkey Like A Pro:

Unsurprisingly, Keller’s turkey treats are only set to be available over the Thanksgiving season, so shoppers will have to move quickly if they want to include them on their menu. However, if sculpted dairy is your jam, there may be other options available to you, depending on the time of year and location. 

For instance, the Iowa State Fair has become legendary in butter circles for its giant butter cows, which have been an attraction since the early 20th century. Similarly, Poland has a long and proud history of creating “butter lambs” to celebrate Easter. While these traditions may not be readily available for $3.99, they nonetheless prove that creating something delicious out of something else that’s also delicious is not as daft as it may appear.