Twisted: A Cookbook is here and it’s all thanks to you

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The legendary, flamboyant and permanently sozzled bon viveur Keith Floyd once declared, “To hell with fashion, trends and gastronomic one-upmanship! Cooking, as well as eating, should be fun.” While we might be working three-and-a-half decades after he first graced our screens, our attitude to food is exactly the same. If you can’t enjoy what you eat and allow yourself to indulge every once in a while, what’s the bloody point? Cooking and eating what makes you happy has never been more important. This is why we’ve written our book.

Packed with over 100 never-before-seen recipes, Twisted: A Cookbook combines fantastic cooking, fascinating stories and stunning food photography in what will become your indispensable, irreplaceable kitchen companion. Containing simple store cupboard staples, incredible twists on the world’s favourite ingredients, and a reservoir of ideas for spicing up your next social occasion, this book is a celebration of everything that makes cooking and food special. Whether you’re flying solo, or hosting something spectacular, it is the one stop shop for outrageous, delicious fun. 

Twisted is about taking inspiration from the dishes that we all know and love and being unafraid to experiment. We are not interested in the latest health fad or fashionable ingredient – for us, the most important thing about the food we eat is the joy that it can bring. 

We’ve come a long way from working out of a tiny flat in Brixton. Growing from a dynamic duo to a team of ten, we now cook for an audience of almost 30 million people around the world. We’ve tried to take everything that’s at the heart of Team Twisted and put it on the page. We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it. And remember, unserious food tastes seriously good.

To pre-order your copy of Twisted: A Cookbook, click here. Happy cooking!

Big love,

The Twisted Team