‘Twisted: A Cookbook’ is now on sale with over 100 new recipes

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

After months of waiting, the best thing to happen to food since sliced bread is finally here. It’s taken two years, many tears and a global pandemic, but Twisted: A Cookbook is now finally available to buy! Trust us, it’s been worth the wait.

Boasting a never-before-seen collection of over 100 new and unique recipes inspired by our favourite foods from around the world, Twisted: A Cookbook is a celebration of all things delicious…

Twisted: A Cookbook is now available on Amazon and Waterstones (Credit: Twisted) Twisted: A Cookbook is now available on Amazon and Waterstones (Credit: Twisted)

Twisted: A Cookbook is now on sale

Featuring chapters focused on both special social occasions – including “Hangover Breakfast”, “Meat-Free Monday” and “Picnic” – plus recipes inspired by the ingredients that make the Twisted Team tick, this incredible collection is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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If you’ve ever wanted to tuck into a Hoisin Duck Chimichanga, or indulge with a Korean Scotch Egg, this is the book for you.

Twisted: A Cookbook Twisted: A Cookbook is full of delicious recipes (Credit: Twisted)

Where to buy Twisted: A Cookbook

Available at retailers including Amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble, as well as at Tesco supermarkets here in the UK, Twisted: A Cookbook is the perfect purchase for anyone in need of cooking inspiration.

Whether you’re a hungry student in need of something to wow some suspicious housemates, or just a time-poor cook looking for something simply exciting, Twisted: A Cookbook has all bases covered. We guarantee your kitchen will never be boring again. Happy eating!