Twix unveils cookies and creme bar

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In exciting news for novelty chocolate fans, famed twin biscuit-finger brand Twix have revealed plans for an all-new bar. Building on the legacy of their 90s era Cookies and Creme riff on the classic Twix formula, the brand have decided to update their recipe, re-releasing the fan-favourite flavour for a 21st century audience. For anyone with a sweet tooth, it promises to be an exciting update. 

According to the limited information available from Twix’s official Instagram account, the new design will replace the brand’s signature shortbread-style base with a dark milk-cookie crumb. The caramel is also gone, a creme filling sitting in its place. The whole thing looks like it is covered in a milk chocolate shell that hides the wholesale changes inside. Either way, it certainly looks delicious. 

Early response to the news appears to be overwhelmingly positive. One Instagrammer commented under the post, “Omg this is like a mixture of my two favorite things,” while another added, “Can’t wait to try that omg”. Even those who remembered the flavour from their childhood weighed in, with one writing, “Yasssssssss???? I remember having these soooo long ago. I was 8. Wow 30 yes ago ? [sic.].”

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However, despite the understandable excitement for fans, there is a quite significant catch. Though the news dropped yesterday, Twix confessed that the bars themselves will not actually be available until 2020. As they put it in the accompanying caption, “Everyone: Bring back TWIX® Cookies & Creme! Us: COMING BACK JANUARY 2020.” This led one disgruntled customer asking, “Why so long for it tho [sic.]”.

While the delay is understandably frustrating, Twix revealed that there is a work around for those who simply can’t wait. In the conclusion to their caption, they explained, “Comment below for a chance to win the *new* TWIX® Cookies & Creme before it hits stores! (rules in bio),” suggesting that a few lucky enthusiasts will be able to get an early taste. It might not be ideal, but it certainly beats waiting until January.