Usain Bolt is opening a new restaurant in London

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

He might be the fastest man on earth, but Usain Bolt is apparently dissatisfied with dominion over the running track. Ever since he burst onto the scene in Beijing, Bolt has been notorious for doing things a little differently. Whether it’s swaggering to the starting line in his own inimitable style, or preparing for a race with a box of McNuggets, he is apparently determined to ignore the precedents set by other famous athletes. His latest venture promises more of the same.

The sprinting legend has announced plans to open a new Jamaican bar and restaurant in East London this Autumn. According to Eater, “Tracks and Records” will open its doors to the public on the 10th of October, promising to serve a selection of “Bolt’s favourite” dishes, alongside a number of different beers and cocktails.

On the menu, customers can expect to find traditional Jamaican specialties, such as jerk chicken, jerk pork, fried fish and bammy – a type of cassava flatbread. The food can be washed down with your pick from a collection of over 150 global rums, 100 of which will come direct from Jamaica.

“Tracks and Records” will not just be about eating and drinking. Split over two floors, the space promises a separate bar, dance floor and club. Open from 11am until midnight Monday to Thursday and until 1am Thursday to Saturday, the restaurant promises to be one of the liveliest eateries in town. Because everyone wants to boogie after stuffing themselves with jerk chicken.

As reported by Eater, Bolt said of the new opening that “London is my second home and a place very close to my heart — so it’s brilliant to be sharing a taste of Jamaica in the capital.” After wowing the city in 2012, we’d be surprised if he gets anything other than a hero’s welcome.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the new restaurant might be a temporary novelty rather than a permanent fixture. As it turns out, Bolt and his team have had their eye on the restaurant industry for quite some time. After the World Championships in 2017, Bolt and his partners at Framjam announced their plans to expand the already established Tracks and Records business in the UK.

In fact, the restaurant has been successfully operating in Jamaica since 2011, with its flagship branch opening in Kingston in April of that year. A second location soon followed in Ocho Rios on the northern coast of the island. It is Bolt and his partners’ hope that “Tracks and Records” will have locations across the UK by 2022, according to a Business Insider report from 2017.

Despite his retirement from the track, it seems that Bolt has absolutely no intention of slowing down. In addition to his foray into food, he has just begun a stint in Australia’s A-League in attempt to realise his dream of becoming a professional footballer. With fingers in many different pies, it looks as though the world hasn’t seen the last of Usain yet.