Viral tweet shows that people are putting tinned spaghetti and beans into toasties

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There are many terrifying things about Australia. Rivers full of man-eating crocodiles. Snakes that can kill you just by looking at you. Spiders that look more like Aragog than anything that you would ordinarily find in a back garden. But, even though it’s the animals that always end up stealing scary Aussie headlines, the internet has recently made it clear that the horror down under isn’t just confined to the outback. 

A beloved Australian snack has come under serious scrutiny, after the internet took issue with the nation’s interpretation of a toastie. Unlike traditional fillings of ham, cheese or bacon, a photo posted to Twitter earlier this month revealed that some Australians prefer to stuff their sandwiches with either spaghetti or baked beans, creating a snack known as a “jaffle”. 

Originally posted on the 11th of September, Twitter user @PaladinAmber asked the internet to decide whether a bean or spaghetti jaffle is superior. She accompanied a split screen photo of the sandwiches with a caption reading, “A great Australian debate, choose your side, spaghet or bean.” At the time of writing, the original tweet has been retweeted or liked over 5,000 times. Reactions were just as divided as the photograph. 

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Despite the innocent tone of the original post, commenters unfamiliar with the jaffle were quick to take umbridge with the idea. One Twitterer wrote, “Kindly set this on fire and never speak of it again. Thanks,” while another added, “Are you trolling us?” Despite her enthusiasm, it’s clear that not everyone’s on board with the concept of a jaffle. 

However, even though the internet was initially hostile, @PaladinAmber soon found some support. One user declared, “beans with some pepperoni in there with them. Literally manna from god,” while a second  conceded, “I was going to disagree but you’ve given me something to think about with this whole cheese jaffle dipping thing.” They might be unorthodox, but it looks like jaffles may be more delicious than meets the eye.