Viral video that shows ‘bread’ being made with baby powder, baby oil, and eggs is baffling the internet

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As anyone who’s ever battled with a soggy bottom knows, baking is hard. Unlike ordinary cooking, where you can chuck almost anything at a pot and end up with something edible, bread making is an exact science. The smallest error can lead to the creation of something so horrifying that local ducks would rather quack off into the sunset than stay for a nibble. 

However, just because it’s tricky doesn’t mean that there’s no room for creativity. As cronuts and Krispy Kremes prove, experimenting in a bakery can deliver something seriously delicious. But, as is the case when anyone dares to think outside the box, the results aren’t always something to celebrate. 

Check out this delicious recipe for Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread:

A bizarre baking video has been horrifying home cooks around the world after over two million people watched an anonymous chef make bread out of baby powder. The clip, which made its debut on video-sharing platform TikTok, features a range of inedible ingredients, which combine to make a weaved loaf of bread that looks suspiciously like it wouldn’t look out of place on a shelf at Greggs. 

Though the video itself is only 30-seconds long, it’s stuffed full of intrigue. In the recipe, baby powder is substituted for flour and baby oil for cooking oil, before eggs are added to the “dough”. A steel proving bowl is sprayed with Febreeze, before the dough is left to rise, and the resulting knot is blasted in the oven. The end result, despite looking like Princess Leia’s hair from “A New Hope”, is unmistakeably bready. 

Understandably, the video was met with a mixed response. Several Twitterers were rightly horrified by the talcky monstrosity, with one writing “The police need to be legitimately called,” and another captioning the clip with, “there r so many unhinged ppl on tiktok but this… theres something that feels so chaotic but so calculated im scared.”

However, despite the terrifying questions thrown up by the possible existence of baby powder bread, some were more sceptical. One commented, “Definitely would of actually been funny if this was the actual result,” while another agreed, “It’s def fake! There’s no way baby powder makes bread. They were def switching out ingredients between shots.” 

Whatever the clip’s legitimacy, it’s certainly put bread into the spotlight in a way we haven’t seen since Mary left Bake Off. Given its content, we’ll let you be the judge of whether or not that’s a good thing.