Walmart is selling a Reese’s variety pack filled with 6 different types of candy

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There aren’t many downsides to anything sold by Reese’s. Given that they’re beloved by everyone from candy-starved 10-year-olds to trapped Extra Terrestrials, it’s hardly surprising that they’ve become one of the world’s most popular sweets. The only disappointment is that they tend to run out too quickly. Thankfully, that problem is now destined to be a thing of the past.

The brand’s latest release, courtesy of American emporium Walmart, is one of their biggest – and therefore best – ever. Dubbed the “Reese’s Variety Pack”, and unofficially referred to as “The Reese’s Jackpot” – the new collection comes complete with no less than six separate varieties of Reese’s candy. Retailing for around $23.50, it’s the ultimate option for any chocolate and peanut butter fan.

Included in the 30 different candy bars contained in the pack are five Original Reese’s Cups, five White Chocolate Reese’s Cups, five Reese’s Big Cups, five Reese’s Pieces Cups, five Reese’s Pieces Candies and five Reese’s Sticks. As the official description states, “Whether you’re sharing at the office or stocking your pantry with party [favourites], this box is one-stop-shop for a Reese’s lover on your list!”

As exciting as the new release undoubtedly is, there is a slight catch with the offer. Though the Variety Pack is on sale for a little over $20, it is not currently available in store and can only be bought online. Though this means that customers can choose to have their chocolate sent straight to their home, it does limit the opportunity for spontaneous peanut butter-based purchasing. 

Given the unusual procurement process, it seems likely that the Variety Pack will only be available for a limited period, making it all the more imperative that Reese’s fans get their hands on them while they still can. We can’t be sure when we’ll see such an exorbitant amount of Reese’s in one place again.