Walmart is selling bags of M&M’s Fun Cups stuffed with ice cream, chocolate swirls, and candy

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ice cream cups are usually underwhelming, irritatingly melt-prone relics of an unhappy trip to the cinema. Too often, struggling to slurp a lukewarm dairy puddle from a tiny spoon makes any enjoyment you might derive from a thimbleful of dessert completely redundant. Now, however, legendary candy producers M&M’s might just have found a way to make the humble ice cream cup the hottest snack in town. 

This summer, M&Ms are teaming up with Walmart to bring the public the most exciting thing to happen to ice cream since Ben met Jerry. Described as “Fun Cups” the new product features velvety vanilla ice cream, crispy mini M&Ms and silky smooth chocolate swirls, making them ideal for long lazy afternoons in the sun. To top it off, each cup is only 130 calories. 

Each bag of Fun Cups comes complete with 10 individually wrapped servings. Currently retailing at around $6.50 for as bag, depending on location, the treats are currently only available at select Walmart stores. However, if you can seek them out, there’s little doubt that the end result is worth it. 

As exciting as the release undoubtedly is, Fun Cups aren’t the only example of M&M’s dabbling in dessert this summer. Insider also report that the brand are also unveiling their very own ice cream sandwiches, which will allegedly be available in either chocolate or vanilla flavour. Also available at Walmart, these treats ensure that M&M’s have basically got every summer base completely covered.

Given their recent release and relative scarcity, there aren’t many reviews to confirm whether the new desserts live up to the hype. However, it seems highly unlikely that any combination of chocolate, candy and ice cream won’t end up being delicious. With that in mind, we’re off to our nearest Walmart.