We tried Krispy Kreme’s new Kit Kat donut flavour to see if it lived up to the hype

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Some fast food mash-ups leave a lot to be desired. Hot dog stuffed pizza is an abomination. Spaghetti served by McDonald’s somehow manages to ruin both Italian and American food in one fell swoop. However, despite the long list of failures, sometimes two brands can come together to make something that isn’t inherently horrible. When they do, it’s certainly worth celebrating. 

After successfully collaborating with peanut butter experts Reese’s, American donut disciples Krispy Kreme have decided to branch out even further, creating a new range of items with chocolate wafer-based brand Kit Kat. Available exclusively in the UK, this partnership features traditional Krispy Kreme donuts, covered in either milk or white chocolate, sprinkled with crumbled Kit Kat bars and topped with a solitary whole finger. Today, the Twisted team got to try some. 

It’s fair to say that the new donuts split opinion. Each comes coated in a layer of traditional Krispy Kreme glaze, as well as the additional blanket of chocolate, giving it a double dose of sweetness that some found overpowering. However, everyone agreed that the sprinkling of Kit Kat crumbs was an awesome touch and helped give the donuts a crunchy USP. 

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Some suggested that the donuts might benefit from an “injection” of creamy Kit-Kat filling, while others posited that the double-dip detracted from the overall experience. The general consensus seemed to be that the white chocolate edition was more delicious, but milk chocolate certainly had its pros. 

Things got a little more complicated when we brought other Krispy Kreme’s into the equation. Between the OG glazed ring and the recent Reese’s partnership, everyone seemed to agree that the Kit-Kats left a little to be desired. But, stacked up against other weird creations, like Apple Pie and Coconut and Raspberry, the Kit-Kat is clearly streets ahead. All told, the Kit-Kat creation doesn’t promise to rewrite the donut rulebook, but it’s certainly worth a tasty detour if you fancy taking a ring-shaped break.