Wendy’s are giving away free nuggets today, ‘no strings attached’

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In the vast panoply of potential free food giveaways, nuggets have to be pretty near the top of the tree. Especially now that our access to industrial levels of deep-frying has been compromised, the crisp golden shells around a perfectly seasoned piece of chicken breast seem more tempting than ever. Flaccid, oven-baked goujons just can’t cut the mustard. 

Given present circumstances, the promise of free nugs would probably be extremely warmly received by anyone who isn’t either a veggie or a chicken. Fortunately for everyone else, nug-specialist Wendy’s has decided to step up to the hot, battered plate with a promotion guaranteed to put a smile on any nugget-lover’s face. 

For one day only, the beloved square pattie pioneers are offering a free 4-piece chicken nugget order to anyone who visits one of their still open drive-thru restaurants. Dubbed “GroupNug”, the promotion promises nuggets to anyone, with “No purchase necessary and not a single string attached.”

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According to a press release provided by the brand, the decision to implement the offer has been taken “because let’s face it, we could all use a little positive pick-me-up.” As Carl Loredo, Wendy’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, explained:

“Wendy’s restaurant teams across the nation have been living out one of Wendy’s most important values – Do the Right Thing – by helping their communities wherever they can during this unprecedented time.

“These actions shine a light on so many individuals both in Wendy’s and across the nation doing good for others. We want to show our appreciation with our GroupNug offer for the entire country.”

The only minor stipulation for potential customers to consider is that the offer is for “drive-thru only”, due to the complications caused by coronavirus. These might be testing times, but at least we can all be united behind the power of the almighty nug.