Wendy’s are officially bringing back their legendary spicy chicken nuggets in August

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Two years ago, Wendy’s pulled spicy chicken nuggets from their menu, plunging humanity back into the dark ages. Desperate fast food fans were forced to purchase non-spicy Wendy’s chicken nuggets, then dip them into hot sauce in a crude attempt to recreate the experience. However, this resulted in naught but a shadow of joy, a fragment of ecstasy, a pale imitation of savoury bliss.

Thankfully, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. On Monday, Wendy’s announced on social media that they are officially bringing spicy chicken nuggets back to the menu on August 19. Some Twitter followers complained about the agonising two-month wait, to which Wendy’s replied, “launching a product nationally takes time…just be happy they’re finally coming back instead of default complaining.”

Grammy-award winning rapper and diehard Wendy’s fan Chance The Rapper kickstarted the campaign on Twitter last March. “Positive Affirmations for today,” he tweeted. “I WILL have a good day, I Will succeed today, Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point please please Lord let it be today.”

The tweet sparked a groundswell of support that grew into a tsunami that struck social media with seismic ramifications. Hours later, Wendy’s replied to Chance, tweeting: ” “Y’all keep asking, so here’s your chance. The people in charge say if you guys can get our tweet (this one right here) to 2 Million likes, they will bring SPICY CHICKEN NUGGETS BACK. Let’s freakin’ do this!” And Twitter freakin’ did.

Now that there’s an official release for this delectable dirt-cheap food, the world can rejoice. Well, not exactly everyone. Amy Schumer, Alyssa Milano and others have urged fans to boycott Wendy’s because they are the major fast food chain not to agree to the the Fair Food Program, a”unique partnership among farmers, farmworkers, and retail food companies that ensures humane wages and working conditions for the workers who pick fruits and vegetables on participating farms.”

“We love @chancetherapper and hate to be the ones to tell him that Wendys is the only fast food chain refusing to protect farmworker women from sexual assault and rape in the fields,” Schumer wrote on Instagram. “This is true. Please read that sentence again. Message for the people in charge: Instead of spicy nuggets, we want food that is harvested with dignity NOT violence.”

Well, maybe in some ways we’re still in the dark ages, despite the release of Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets.

This article originally appeared on vt.co