White Castle pledges to give away 1 million free sliders in honour of Harold and Kumar

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In the midwestern United States, White Castle is more like a cult than a restaurant. Even though the chain only operates in 13 states across the country, the food has an international reputation. Not for nothing was their signature slider named as the most influential burger of all time by Time magazine. Much of this is obviously down to the menu. But anyone who enjoyed early noughties stoner comedy knows that White Castle also owes a serious debt to Harold and Kumar.

The high-jinks of Harold, Kumar and Neil Patrick Harris, coupled with their determination to get hold of an order of sliders, left an indelible mark on global fast food consciousness. Even if you’d never eaten at White Castle, the idea that a restaurant could inspire you to keep going in spite of cheetahs, hang gliders and gurning polymathic performers showed that it must be something seriously special. That’s publicity that money can’t buy. Now, on the 15th anniversary of the film that made them famous, White Castle is planning to return the favour. 

As part of a new partnership with delivery specialists Uber Eats, White Castle has pledged to give away one million free sliders to celebrate a decade and a half of Harold and Kumar. The chain has revealed that they will offer customers a free 10 sack, containing 10 original sliders, with every order made through the Uber Eats app using the promo code “1MILLIONSLIDERS.” 

White Castle has revealed that the promotion will run until they either run out of free burgers, or we get to August 31st – whichever comes first. Given that a sack of sliders ordinarily costs around $7.30, it seems highly unlikely that enthusiastic White Castle fans will miss out on an opportunity to claim one for free. Insider also report that, “While there’s no minimum purchase for the deal, a “small order fee” may apply if you place an order costing less than $10.” Whichever way you look at it, it’s certainly a good time to be a burger fan.