Woman demands free KFC after getting logo tattooed on her lip

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Love can make you do crazy things. Anyone who’s ever experienced what it’s like to have an unhealthy obsession with something that won’t, or can’t, love you back knows the pain of doing something ridiculous, just to get noticed. It’s a pain that’s defined many an awkward adolescence. Some of us still haven’t got over it.

For most people, unrequited love tends to revolve around a certain special someone. However, in specific cases, love can affect something altogether more tangible and delicious. No case proves this point more effectively than the story of desperate 20-year-old Australian, Tabatha Andrade.  

A resident of Melbourne, Victoria, Andrade has one food which defines everything about her. From her lifestyle down to her dog, her world revolves around all things KFC. It is the thing that makes her “happier than anything else in the world”. She has been christened the “chicken connoisseur” by acquaintances both close and casual. She has a puppy called “nugget”, because she loves nuggets. Make no mistake, this is a woman who has a serious thing for fried chicken.

Though Andrade, who currently works in banking, cannot have her commitment to The Colonel seriously called into question, she recently decided that it was time to take their relationship to the next level. After a brief consultation with her presumably baffled parents, Andrade settled on the ultimate act of dedication. She resolved to get a KFC tattoo.

In an interview with The Metro, Andrade revealed that, “I told my parents I wanted to get a tattoo, and they said I could get inked with something that was important to me. I was on holidays up in Queensland when the urge just suddenly came to me, and I decided to finally do it. KFC is my favourite fast food. I go there at least once a week, if not more. It does mean a lot to me, so it seemed fitting to get this tattoo.” Who says romance is dead?

Speaking about her inspiration for the design, which is inked along the underside of her bottom lip, Andrade cited businesswoman Kendall Jenner as inspiration. After the session, she revealed she has “absolutely no regrets,” adding, “It’s my favourite tattoo. I got the idea of doing it on the lip from Kendall Jenner. It seems to be popular these days, so I just thought why not. I showed my parents when I came home, and they thought it was fake. But they’re okay with it now.”

However, aside from the heartwarming story of one woman’s exaltation of a fast food franchise, there may be something slightly more cynical going on underneath the surface. In the second part of her Metro interview, Andrade added that, “It would be awesome if they gave me free KFC because of it. Let’s see what happens.” Maybe this love isn’t as pure as we all first assumed.

Going above and beyond for a bite of your favourite food is one thing. Getting their branded permanently etched on the inside of your mouth is quite another. Even if it is all a ploy for a free meal, one can’t help but be impressed by just how far Andrade is willing to go for a piece of signature recipe chicken.