Woman invents bizarrely brilliant sandwich picnic hack

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Sandwiches are obviously one of the best edible inventions ever. Whoever it was that first decided to carry their food around stuffed inside another sort of food deserves to have a dedicated holiday, or at least a giant bread-shaped monument. No one should ever have to travel anywhere without a delicious portable treat. 

However, as awesome as sandwiches are, anyone who has ever had to transport a selection en masse knows that the journey can be fraught with peril. Unless you have access to a massive cardboard box or industrial amounts of clingfilm, preprepared picnics can quickly become a sea of strewn bread and flying ham. Fortunately, one cunning Twitter user has come up with a solution. 

In a post earlier this month, Manhattan sandwich maker Zoe shared her tip for taking your treats out on the road as efficiently as possible. Her “beach day sammich hack” involves making the sandwiches, before stacking them on top of each other and putting them back in the bread bag. As she explained, the whole thing involves “no waste of plastic or paper”. 

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Pretty quickly, Zoe’s technique had spread rapidly across the platform. At the time of writing, the original post has been “liked” over 76,000 times, generating over 13,000 retweets as fans revel in the ingenuity of the hack. 

One user declared, “this is iconic”, before going on to brand Zoe a “real life hacktivist”. Many more agreed that the technique was a “great idea” before vowing to give it a go themselves the next time they had a trip. 

Several others likened the super-sandwich to something that would appear in a cartoon, with many drawing comparisons to Scooby-Doo. Even if it does look like something that Shaggy and Scoob rustled up in lieu of doing any actual detective work, it’s impossible to deny that the hack makes eating al fresco easier than ever.