You can get “Mountain Dew” flavoured Doritos

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Anyone who regularly peruses the snack aisle of their local supermarket knows that the world isn’t afraid of a weird crisp. Where we might once have been satisfied with a bag of cheese and onion or a sprinkling of salt and vinegar, now we need mashups that would make Frankenstein raise an eyebrow. Needless to say, they’re not always a success. 

While most of the weirdest flavour combinations feature things that you could, however loosely, actually describe as food, there are a few outrageous exceptions. Recently, one particular experiment has been catching the eye of hungry gamers everywhere. Say goodbye to wasting precious seconds on drinking and then munching separately. Mountain Dew Doritos have arrived. 

The bizarre flavour, which appears to hail from snack merchants in Australia, pledges to deliver the “lemon citrus” flavour of everyone’s favourite luminous energy drink, packaged in crisp form. As prominent Instagram account @junkbanter explained it:

“Go home, Australia, because you’re officially the drunkest country on the planet right now. ? New Mountain Dew Doritos, which I swear to God is absolutely 100% real, just dropped in the Land Down Under. The back of the package promises the Lemon Citrus flavor of @mountaindew with the signature full-on crunch of Doritos. This shouldn’t exist but it does. Big shoutout to my man @nickvavitiss for sending over a pic, hopefully him and I can do a swap so I can review this clown show of a product. Curious and deranged minds can likely find these on the Internet in the near future.”

Understandably, the new flavours have rung a few alarm bells, not least from the man mentioned in the @junkbanter caption. In an irate post on his own page, Nick Vavitiss wrote:

“Doritos so bad they deserve their own post.. SAY HELLO TO THE DORITOS X MOUNTAIN DEW COLAB REEVIEW… I didn’t have high hopes for these at all, not even a small bit of hope ?? who thought this was a good idea? Because guess what? NOPE, NOPE AND NOPE they weren’t ?‍♂️?‍♂️ They tasted like citrus lime detergent and I would never buy these again.”

He went on to award the snacks a derisory “0/10” rating. While we’d never openly advocate stymieing someone’s creative juices, this may be an example of “inspiration” going a little too far.