You can now book Valentine’s Day reservations at White Castle

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The start of February is fast approaching, which, for panicking partners everywhere, can only mean one thing. Love is in the air. Like New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day is one of those evenings that promises so much, yet almost always disappoints. It’s tricky to be romantic when you’re surrounded by dozens of sweaty-palmed daters in exactly the same stomach churning situation as you. Fortunately, for 2019, there may be an elegant, fast food-themed solution on the table.

If you can’t afford to take your other half to real castle for a romantic February 14th feast, help is at hand from arguably America’s favourite fortress themed eatery. To the relief of anyone struggling for inspiration this year, White Castle have announced that they are opening up reservations in restaurants across the country for Valentine’s Day. Who says romance is dead?

The announcement is building off the back of great success in 2018, where the chain opened their doors to around 30,000 lovestruck diners, offering their signature selection of small, square sliders. Given how well last year’s event was received, White Castle leadership have decided that 2019 is the perfect time to repeat the trick.

In a statement to the press, White Castle president Jamie Richardson revealed that, “Valentine’s Day has become a longstanding tradition that is very special to many of our customers and team members across the country. Many Cravers (White Castle fans) have shared stories with us about meeting the loves of their lives, or forming lifelong friendships at our restaurants.” Powerful words for anyone sceptical of the romantic potential of a steamed section of low-grade beef.

Reserving a Valentine’s table at White Castle has a whole heap of benefits beyond what you might expect from your average fast food trip. Some of the perks provided by the franchise include hostess seating and table service, not to mention the added incentive of sitting in a restaurant bedecked in festive decor. Small wonder that the business expect to at least equal, and possibly improve upon their 2018 tally of 30,000 dating guests.

In order to cater for demand, the chain are going above and beyond the call of duty. Some locations are allowing reservations for both 14th and 15th to allow for possibly unprecedented demand. White Castle will even allow lazier customers to get involved, providing a Valentine’s Day themed “Crave Case” of burgers for home delivery. They really are pulling out all the stops to try and persuade us that sliders are sexy.

For anyone who has been sold on the idea of explaining to their date that they will be spending Valentine’s Day in the company of Harold and Kumar, there are a couple of ways to reserve your spot. Guests can make reservations online via OpenTable.com or via the OpenTable app, giving you plenty of opportunity to come up with a well-rehearsed excuse. Here’s hoping that your date has a hidden love of food that can be prepared in three minutes flat.