You can now buy a Dr Pepper-flavoured birthday cake made with actual soda

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Soda and cake, while essential components of any proper birthday in their own right, are generally best enjoyed apart. It takes a very particular kind of diner to drown a slice of black forest gateau in a spilled can of Coca-Cola. However, for fans who believe that all of the world’s greatest treats are always delicious, whether or not you’ve whisked them together in a massive blender, there is an unorthodox bake out there that will make it seem like all your Christmases have come at once. 


Courtesy of the master bakers at Cafe Valley, customers at grocery stores across the United States are now able to get their hands on what is believed to be the world’s first Dr Pepper infused birthday cake. Made with real Dr Pepper, the cake is the perfect blend of sponge and the soda’s enigmatic 23 different flavours, making for an exciting, if unusual eating experience. The fact that it currently retails for around $6 only makes it more enticing. 


The Dr Pepper cake isn’t the only time that Cafe Valley have sought to combine soda and pastry. Insider note that the company have made cakes out of a host of other iconic beverages, including “A&W Root Beer, 7UP and Orange Crush.” According to chief executive officer Brian Owens, this fearless attitude towards unusual combinations “will guarantee consumers the real, genuine soda taste,” while the Dr Pepper variety promises to be “just as delicious as our other fun soda cake flavors.”


Though the concept of a Dr Pepper cake might sound like it should make headlines around the world, the whacky bake has actually been a fixture on shelves since 2017. Hopefully, now that soda fans are increasingly aware of the unorthodox Cafe Valley portfolio, they can become a firmer fixture on the birthday circuit.