You can now buy a transparent phone case with a fried chicken pop-socket

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There was a time when phone cases were only used for boring things like screen protection and insurance. While practical, these features aren’t ideal for exploring the rich tapestry of what’s technically possible on a tiny, protective canvas. Thankfully, times have changed. Aside from adding an extra layer of security, recent developments mean that your mobile can now be as eye catching as anything else.  

Finally, technocratic fast food fans can satisfy their cravings for computing and fried chicken, with one of the most artistically challenging and appetising features to ever be fixed to a phone. First discovered in a dark corner of the internet and now brought into the limelight, you can now get your hands on a phone case with a fried chicken pop-socket. 

Initially spotted in China, careful research has unearthed that the unorthodox design, which if photos are anything to go by features both drumsticks and wings, is now also available through American Amazon. Described online as a “Super Vivid 3D Fried Chicken Leg Fried Chicken Wings Transparent Soft TPU Protective Skin Case Cover,” the design caters for iPhones 5 through to X and retails for around $15.

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The product description goes on to state that the chicken element of the case is “super real,” adding that, “This case perfectly fits your phone with precision cutouts for all buttons and ports. Its raised edges keeps your phone’s screen and camera lens off the surfaces.” This makes it an ideal purchase for quirky, safety conscious phone obsessives.

While this particular case might not be the first example of a chicken-themed tech product, it certainly seems as though it’s the most realistic. The only review available on Amazon declared that the customer “Love(d) it,” adding that it was, “Very realistic but the wing came off at 1 day off having it. Nothing an little glue won’t fix.” In the grand scheme of things, such sacrifices seem a small price to pay for having a (basically) genuine chicken wing attached to your phone.