You can now buy “coffee bags” that work just like regular tea bags

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Coffee is simultaneously essential and incredibly annoying. Unlike other hot morning drinks, proper coffee-making can require a whole roomful a contraptions, dozens of gadgets and several staff to get right. If you prefer anything other than black instant, you could be in for a world of pain as you stumble around the kitchen, doing your best impression of a bleary-eyed barista. Anyone who cracks the code of coffee-making without all the steaming and frothing deserves the utmost respect.


Fortunately for millions of baffled caffeine addicts, one company has managed to do just that. New for 2019, the coffee pioneers at Percol have created a revolutionary approach to brewing, with the introduction of one of the world’s first “coffee-bags”. Functioning in much the same way as a traditional tea bag, “Percol coffee bags provide a hassle-free caffeine fix within minutes,” according to the company’s official press release. Mornings just got much more straightforward.

[[imagecaption|| Credit: Percol Coffee]]

The new products aren’t just about simplifying coffee production. Percol state that the sachets themselves are “made from fully home compostable packaging, meaning they can be thrown straight in with home food waste.” This follows the company’s stated mission to “make all its packaging reusable, easily recyclable or home compostable by the end of 2019,” suggesting that coffee bags are an environmentally responsible, as well as convenient, way forward.

It’s certainly clear from the powers that be at Percol that they believe they are on the right track. Alongside the press release, Managing Director David Brooks provided a statement, revealing that “[t]he coffee bags category is one of the fastest-growing within the industry, attracting coffee lovers with the convenience of being able to enjoy ground coffee anytime, anywhere. Our new range goes one step further, by offering the consumer a 100% plastic-free option.”


Like all good ideas, coffee bags seem to beg the question “why on earth hasn’t anyone thought of this before?” While there is no simple answer as to why tea and not coffee has up until now been the only drink worthy of its own sachet, Percol’s innovation promises to be something of a game changer. No more worrying about grinding and stirring. The cafetiere industry must be quaking in its boots.