You can now buy Dr Pepper-flavoured liquorice candy

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Having conquered the world of canned soda, it looks like Dr Pepper’s design team have got a bit bored. In recent years, the soft drink experts have branched out into everything from cake-making to baked beans, leaving many customers scratching their heads as to what might come next. Now, novelty Dr Pepper fans finally have their answer. 

Thanks to online emporium Amazon, shoppers are able to get their hands on delicious-looking, Dr Pepper-infused liquorice laces, in what might be the most tempting sounding soft drink spin-off to date. The sweets are around five inches long and come in a five ounce bag, making them ideal for a surreptitious sugar hit. The laces themselves are made with real Dr Pepper, making them ideal for diehard Dr Pepper fans. 

Though further information about the snack is relatively hard to come by online, reviews of the product seem to have been pretty positive. One user wrote that, “These are very tasty, although just a little tough to chew. They aren’t too sweet and have a great Dr. Pepper flavor.” Another went even further, writing, “This is the best tasting licorice I’ve ever tried!”

Credit: Amazon

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for the liquorice laces. A solitary one-star write up of the product declared them to be “Awful”, before continuing, “As a Dr. Pepper lover: No matter how much you love Dr. Pepper, this will be a disappointment.” As with anything, it’s difficult to keep everyone completely satisfied. 

Though they certainly sound intriguing, in the UK at least, customers don’t have much of a chance to try before they buy. The only option currently available on Amazon appears to be a large 6 Ct. case of the candies, available for a hefty £45.00. Even if you’re the world’s biggest Dr Pepper enthusiast, this is not a commitment to be taken lightly.