You can now buy your own kebab machine for your kitchen

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As anyone who’s ever had to fend off a wave of nausea at three thirty in the morning will agree, when it comes to drunk food, the kebab is king. Irrespective of the fact that it’s delicious whether you’re one pint in or 11, there’s something about the combination of hand held convenience and salty grease that makes a kebab perfect fuel for a late night binge. It has the portability of a burger and the full, fatty flavour of a pizza all rolled into one. Meals don’t get much better.

Unfortunately, such a glorious experience comes at a cost. In practise, this means leaving the comfort of your own home, dragging yourself down the high street and stumbling into whichever unlucky kebab shop just so happens to be open. Depending on your state, this can be far from ideal for both you and whoever happens to be running the restaurant. If only there was a way of cutting out the middleman and sparing everyone the embarrassment.

Thanks to the cunning minds at Quest, the dream of making takeaway-perfect kebabs in the comfort of your own home can now become a reality, with this all new and insanely exciting home rotisserie grill. With the potential for grilling several simultaneous skewers of lamb, chicken and beef, this is the ultimate answer to any late night grilling cravings. All this can be yours for £50.

griller Credit: Amazon/Quest

The possibilities don’t stop with homemade doner imitations. According to images on Amazon and the Quest website, other suggestions include grilling an entire, whole chicken, as well as preparing individual skewers of vegetables for anyone opposed to something fluffy, deceased and on a spit. As one reporter put it, “the possibilities are endless.”

Though there are plenty of pretty looking gadgets on the market that leave a lot to be desired, early reviews of the Quest home rotisserie seem to be pretty positive. The product currently holds a rating of 4.5 out of five on Amazon, and has attracted a string of positive comments. One customer wrote, “Bought as a gift for my son …….he loves it. Makes lovely kebabs , meat lovely and moist and quite easy to clean machine. Thinking of buying one for myself,” while another added, “Easy to clean and very easy to use. Has plenty of attachment so you can cook different styles.” Given that £50 is a sizeable investment, this positivity suggests that there is plenty to be excited about the new gizmo.

Of course, replacing the true late-night stagger into a sticky kebab house is next to impossible if you’re intent on staying in your kitchen. However, for anyone who wants to take the easy option out of hangover oblivion, it looks like this new gadget is a great way to go.