You can now get a Dr Pepper and Cream Soda blend

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Dr Pepper is already one of the most distinctive sodas money can buy. Anyone who’s ever cracked open a can under the mistaken assumption that it will be exactly the same as Coca-Cola knows that it’s a much more complicated experience. Whether that’s a good thing is up for debate. 

When you’re working with something that tastes as indescribable as Dr Pepper, adding other elements can be risky. Foolhardy experiments like “Cotton Candy” and “Birthday Cake” flavours prove that some things are just too weird, even for a drink that makes “prickly ash” edible. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t delicious combinations to be had. If some recent social media sleuthing is anything to go by, it looks like we may have found one. 

According to several prominent Instagrammers, “Dr Pepper and Cream Soda” is now available at a store near you – and it tastes damn delicious. Large accounts including Candy Hunting and Snackgator have recently shared pictures of the drink along with a string of positive reviews about the taste. Say what you will about messing with flavour, this drink seems to deliver. 

In an extensive Instagram review, Snackgator claimed that:

“It’s honestly surprisingly perfect. Somehow, they managed to offer the classic Dr Pepper taste in a toned-down version, plus add in the cream soda, without having them mix together awkwardly. In other words- you’ll taste both components in one sip, and it’s magical!”

Candy Hunting was equally effusive in their own post, adding: 

“I’m not a huge fan of Dr Pepper, but the vanilla here tones down the flavor enough that it’s now enjoyable for me. Essentially, if you’re a Dr Pepper fan, you’ll like this. If you’re not a Dr Pepper fan, you might like it, too!”

As per Candy Hunting, it looks like the drink will eventually be available wherever Dr Pepper is sold and is currently on shelves at Kroger, Hy-Vee, Speedway and Woodmans. If you’ve felt like spreading your soda wings but haven’t known where to begin, this drink could be a delicious place to start.