You can now get a pitch black “cake batter” Halloween ice cream

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As desserts go, ice cream isn’t especially evil. It might be responsible for the occasional bout of brain freeze, but it’s nowhere nowhere near as malevolent as a chocolate fudge cake or black forest gateau. Those are the Devil’s food. However, with Halloween around the corner, news from frozen treat specialists Cold Stone Creamery suggests that even ice cream makers have decided to embrace Satan, if only for a few weeks. 

For a limited time only, the Arizona-based ice cream parlour have decided to introduce a twist in their “traditional” cake batter ice cream, turning it jet black in honour of the annual horror celebration. The new version will be made up of “Boo Batter” ice cream, mixed with trick or treat staples such as Oreos, Kit Kats and M&Ms. Ice cream and autumn might not be a natural combination, but Cold Stone are clearly doing their best to make it a thing. 

In a post announcing the release, Cold Stone were clearly excited to get the word out. Taking to Instagram, the company wrote:

“NEW FLAVOR ALERT!! Starting today we now have Boo Batter ice cream! This is cake batter dyed black for Halloween. This flavor will be with us for the month of October only, so come in and try some before it’s gone at the end of the month!”

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As if the prospect of black batter ice cream wasn’t enough to get excited about, Cold Stone have another Halloween trick up their sleeve. In a separate Instagram post, they revealed:

“The month of all things Halloween, spooky, and fall starts tomorrow! Who else is excited?! Everyone here at Vernal Cold Stone is excited to celebrate all month long with our customers and all the kiddos!! We have this awesome coloring page for you to fill out with a coupon for a FREE kids size ice cream with the purchase of a Love It Signature ice cream!”

“Come into our store to pick one up or print this page from Facebook or Instagram and bring it in to get your favorite ice cream. When we get your picture we will hang it up on our wall to be displayed all month long!”

Looks like brain freeze season may last a little longer than usual in 2019.