You can now get a Snickers ice cream cake that feeds up to nine people

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In ordinary circumstances, resisting dessert isn’t too difficult. Provided you’ve had something substantial, chocolate and sugar can feel like a needless indulgence. Sometimes, however, we stumble across something so mind-blowingly delicious that even the most virtuous, clean-eating, health-obsessed food monk would find it impossible not to bury their face in it. This is one of those times. 

According to intel gathered by several eagle-eyed Instagrammers and Walmart-shoppers, it seems that there is a new OTT pudding on the menu. Made with mountains of peanut, caramel and chocolate, the Snickers Ice Cream Cake is everything you could want from a total calorie blow-out. Grab your fork and insulin. It’s game time. 

Although official info on the monstrous sweet is relatively scarce, there are a few facts that are bound to get everyone drooling. For instance, the cake’s ingredients list includes a vanilla ice cream base, a casing of nougat-whipped icing, chopped nut, caramel and more crushed Snickers bars then you’d find at Mars company convention. With a weight of 46 FL. Oz, it’s guaranteed to be a non-allergenic crowdpleaser. 

Check out our recipe for Snickers Hot Chocolate:

Though the prospect of a massive Snickers ice cream cake is obviously exciting, it wasn’t the only noteworthy dessert discovery. According to Instagram account @snackhunting, who made the original Snickers find, Walmart is also selling a giant M&Ms ice cream cake, meaning that candy-obsessives of every persuasion can now tuck in. 

If the reaction of the account’s ravenous audience is anything to go by, both flavours will prove extremely popular. However, for our money, the prospect of a massive peanutty caramel cake, coupled with the knowledge that normal Snickers ice cream bars are also delicious, means that the Snickers version just pips it to the title of “most exciting pudding”. We’ll see you at Walmart.