You can now get a waffle maker that creates 3D trucks and cars

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Now that life has become one long stretch of nothingness punctuated by mealtimes, playing with your food has gone from frowned upon to fun pastime. In a world where we all have to come up with ways to entertain ourselves without leaving the house, turning dinner into a playdate has never seemed like such a sensible idea. 

Obviously, it’s easier to make some foods more fun than others. Mac ‘n’ cheese is a fundamentally sillier dish than confit de canard, served with a full-bodied Bordeaux. But even if you struggle to see how eating could ever be a game, there is a product out that there that can convert even the most supercilious diner. 

Credit: Amazon

Created by popular cooking accessory specialist CucinaPro, the Car Mini Waffle Maker is the perfect excuse to regress to a time when pretending to drive your dessert around the table was adorable, rather than weird. Currently available on Amazon, the gadget allows you to turn breakfast into a set of 3D printed cars and trucks, guaranteeing that at least one meal a day won’t be mind-numbingly dull. 

Check out this waffle maker that can make building blocks:

According to the product description, each waffle iron allows you to create seven separate designs, including a Police Car, Monster Truck, Ambulance, Pickup Truck, School bus, Race Car, and Garbage Truck. It also features an easy to clean non-stick surface, so there’s no excuse not to get cooking. 

Credit: Amazon

Despite the relatively hefty $42 price tag, reaction to the waffle maker has been pretty positive. The product currently enjoys an enviable 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon, based on 144 reviews, including one satisfied customer who wrote:

“Our 7 year old boy, who loves all things car related, absolutely loves these waffles!! I was a little skeptical when buying this as there were no reviews whatsoever, but to anyone with a child who loves cars I would definitely recommend this. It did not disappoint!!!”

Clearly we all have more pressing concerns than how to make our breakfast as entertaining as possible, but it’s nonetheless reassuring to know that there’s an option like this available, should we need it.