You can now get an automatic bacon cooker that makes crispy strips in minutes

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If there’s one item of food that’s almost universally loved among meat eaters, it’s bacon. I mean, aside from cheese, pizza, and chocolate, I’d say the salt-cured pork slices are some of the most mouthwatering pieces of food in existence.

So I’m always going to welcome a product which makes cooking the heavenly treat a total cinch. And if you’re the same, then get a load of this – Amazon is selling an automatic bacon cooker that makes crispy strips in minutes!

Known as the Bacon Master, the $28 product consists of a vertical pan that allows you to cook several rashers at one time. While they cook, a conveniently-placed tray catches the greasy drippings meaning a reduction in fat in the bacon. And perhaps the best thing about the invention is that it requires absolutely no oil.

Credit: Amazon

Take a read of the product description:

“The Bacon Master delivers perfect crispy bacon every time. The Bacon Master has been specifically designed to slow cook your bacon to a perfect crisp. What is so unique about the bacon master is that bacon is laid vertically on a nonstick surface. This causes the bacons grease to drain off to the bottom, leaving your bacon crispy, crunchy and downright delicious.

Long gone are the days of greasy breakfasts. This stainless steel, bacon-dedicated machine cooks up to 6 pieces of traditional or thick-cut bacon at a time. The Bacon Master’s top seals in heat and prevents splatter, and the bottom tray catches all the greasy drippings. The bottom tray and top can be removed for easy cleaning and are Dishwasher safe.”

Credit: Amazon

The reviews have been varied, with some praising the unique invention and other more disgruntled customers saying the product didn’t cook the bacon as efficiently as they thought it would.

One satisfied customer wrote:

“Whether it’s crispy bacon, chewy bacon or in-between, you ABSOLUTLEY can get the result you want. Thicker cut bacon takes extra time (duh!). That is not what this is intended for. So what? I have the one with the top that lifts off. I have read people disappointed with theirs because the doors were broken. Solution? Buy the lift off top version. A little patience, a little bacon bonding time with my boy and breakfast means he cooks the bacon alongside the eggs/French toast I make at the same time in the pan. Harmony. We love our Bacon Master.”

Check out how to make this beautiful bacon-wrapped toad in the hole:

Another agreed:

“Stopped on the way home to get bacon … Turns out you can eat a pound of bacon right before bed .. Takes about 15 minutes for the highest (crispy) setting .. No mess on the counter .. Slide out the tray and the grease is gone .. Bacon made super easy .. Easy to clean with removable doors.. Thick cut bacon could use a second run if you prefer crispy … I can’t recommend it enough .. I know what I’m giving for Xmas this year.”

However, a different buyer gave the product a one-star review, writing:

“I cooked some bacon this morning and I have to say that the Smart Planet is not good. I like crispy bacon so I placed the bacon on the unit according to the directions and set the timer to crispy. When the unit was done cooking the bacon, some of it was burnt, and some was still very under cooked. Some of the pieces of bacon were burnt and under cooked on the same piece. Most of the bacon was only cooked on one side, the top side did not cook as well as the bottom side. I can’t recommend this unit to anyone.”