You can now get “Cheese Eggs” for Easter

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Unless you have a crippling fear of large rabbits and chocolate, Easter is an extremely exciting holiday. Not only are supermarkets stacked with more goodies than Willy Wonka’s shopping list, but normally boring foods also get transfigured into something sweet. The most obvious examples of this are eggs. 

Chocolate eggs are as much a part of Easter as big JC himself. If you don’t end Easter Sunday feeling sick and slightly horrified, surrounded by a graveyard of foil wrapping and fractured chocolate shells, you haven’t really celebrated properly. However, for this year at least, there is also something to get excited about if you haven’t got a sweet tooth. Dairy fans, rejoice. Cheesy Easter eggs are officially here. 

cheesy eggs Credit: M&S

Created by legendary British supermarket Marks and Spencer’s, who have never been shy about an unusual seasonal promotion, the new cheesy eggs are ideal for anyone who’d prefer to honour their Lord and saviour with something savoury. 

The fake eggs feature a “white” made from Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar, as per The Sun, filled with a “yolk” of 18-month matured Red Leicester. The entire thing is then encased in a faux shell of blue wax and served in a specially designed egg box. 

Check out this recipe for Cheese Stuffed “Scotch Egg”:

In a statement accompanying the launch, M&S product developer, Rosie Eiduks revealed:

“Not only are our Mini Cheesy Eggs a picture perfect gift, they’re also completely delicious, with our quality Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar and a vintage Red Leicester yolk. Beautiful served on an Easter lunch cheeseboard, sliced into a sandwich or salad, or loaded on top of crackers.”

cheesy egg box Credit: M&S

Each box of six retails for £8.50, and is currently available in over 600 stores across the UK. In addition to the half-dozen 60g specimens, the supermarket will also be selling a much larger single 300g egg for £8, featuring the same cheesy design. In a season that’s usually so dominated by chocolate, it’s good to see cheese finally getting some love.