You can now get cheese-filled Christmas ornaments

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ever wondered whether your Christmas tree would be improved by the addition of lukewarm cheddar? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to the latest decorative accessory from budget shopping specialists “Aldi”, festive celebrants everywhere can finally fill their houses with the waft of mouldering dairy. It’s a smelly Christmas miracle. 

As of today, Aldi is offering its customers the chance to purchase two types of cheese-filled Christmas ornament. The Christmas baubles come complete with four whole pieces of festive-themed cheddar, each in their own individual wrapping. 

Credit: ALDI

Available for $4.99 through the limited edition “Aldi Finds” selection, the baubles come in either sleigh or snowman shapes. According to the official description on the Aldi website, the themed decorations feature both “Mild & Grassfed Cheddar Sleigh(s)” and “Mild & Grassfed Cheddar Snowm(e)n,” meaning that there should be something to suit everyone’s taste. 

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Clearly, keeping unrefrigerated dairy on your Christmas tree for the entire month of December is unadvisable if you plan on playing host. However, there are ways to work around the problems posed by perishable decorations. 

One solution, suggested by The Kitchn, is to only remove the baubles from the fridge immediately before guests arrive, allowing them to pick them themselves from the tree. It’s certainly an unorthodox idea, but at least it allows you to avoid the prospect of a stinky welcome. 

Although the cheesy baubles are arguably the most eye-catching addition to Aldi’s Christmas line-up, they aren’t the only intriguing dairy on offer. Customers can also get their hands on Prosecco-aged “Sparkling Wine Cheese” and “Boozeberry Vodka Cheddar”. Though these options might not be traditional ways to enjoy a festive cheeseboard, it’s undeniable that the supermarket is the go-to destination for dairy that’s a little different.