You can now get cotton candy dipped ice cream cones at Dairy Queen

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As the nights lengthen and it becomes suddenly inadvisable to wear short shorts in public, ice cream season is, tragically, coming to a close. However, just because eating something chilly isn’t necessarily the best way to mitigate plunging temperatures, that doesn’t mean that we should stop buying ice cream altogether. This is especially true when they come complete with a crispy cotton candy-inspired topping. 

Just in time to signal one last hurrah to summer, frozen food virtuosos Dairy Queen seem to be launching one of their most ambitious “dipped ice cream cones” to date. According to multiple posts on Instagram, Canadian customers have been getting their hands on a cotton candy flavoured twist on the brand’s signature added extra, sending the internet into meltdown with the sweet possibilities. 

Though there has been no official announcement from Dairy Queen themselves, the number of posts seems to suggest that testing for the new flavour is well under way. One photo, tagged at Dairy Queen Grill & Chill near Orangeville, Ontario, was simply caption, “cotton candy dipped cone”, while the official account of declared, “Dairy Queen’s Cotton Candy-Dipped Cone has been spotted in the wild ? Get all the details in our bio!”

Watch as TV Presenter Eats Cotton Candy In Just Three Seconds:

The dipped cone has been a staple of the Dairy Queen menu for several years. The technique involves covering the chain’s signature ice cream with a liquid topping that quickly solidifies, leaving the ice cream with a crunchy coat that enhances both flavour and texture. Other options have previously included “Chocolate” and “Dreamsicle” dipped cones, according to, but there is as yet no mention of the cotton candy variety on the Dairy Queen website. 

Whether the elusive cotton candy variety gets a wider roll out remains to be seen. However, for the time being, fans who like their ice cream to be even sweeter will just have to be patient. Either that, or organise an impromptu trip to Canada. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth it.