You can now get food from Disney World delivered straight to your house every month

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Even more than the incredible collection of rollercoasters and equally impressive array of anthropomorphic mice, the main reason for spending a weekend at Disney World has got to be the food. Few other theme parks can boast quite so many indulgent dinners and stunning snacks, giving it a USP unlike any in the business. It might not be the most diet-friendly destination, but it’s definitely delicious.

The downside of a food odyssey at Disney World is the subsequent discovery that all the deliciousness is only available inside the park boundaries. The only thing worse than missing out on custom mac ‘n’ cheese and mountains of chocolate is tasting them and knowing that you can’t get them anywhere else. Fortunately, however, one company has decided it’s high time someone opened up Disney’s food to the world.

Subscription service Boxney have announced a new range of products specifically designed to cater for Disney fanatics. Offering three different boxes, each featuring items hand selected by Boxney staff shoppers at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs, the service comes with the option of a single purchase or monthly subscription, for prices ranging from $30 to $110.

The cheapest option, known as the “Goodie Box Mini” provides between three and four Disney exclusive treats such as sour candy from Goofy’s Candy Company, lollipops and popcorn, which rotate on a monthly basis. For $60, customers can purchase the “Goodie Box Original”, which ups the ante to seven snacks, while anyone feeling especially flush with cash can opt for the enormous “Goodie Box Premium” – providing between 10 and 15 different treats. All of the boxes are available for shipping around the US as well as internationally, subject to shipping fees.

It isn’t just snacking options that set Boxney’s products apart. In addition to the edible contents, every box comes complete with an array of other Disney related merchandise, including maps, brochures and, according to reports from “Insider”, “pins”. It all contributes towards taking customers to Disney World, despite never leaving their house.

To top it off, Boxney also offer customers occasional options on limited edition packages, including “Gluten-Free Goodie Boxes”, seasonal specials and selections from Disney locations around the world. While a fully paid-up trip to Florida might be beyond the realm of possibility for many people, you can at least now get a taste of the experience – wherever you may be.