You can now get “Hellfire” sausages made from three of the world’s hottest chillies

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ordinarily, comfort food should be comforting. Not many people order pie and chips, then decide to drown the entire thing in extras liable to blow your head off. However, for consumers who like to live a little dangerously with their dinner, one British supermarket has come up with an elegant, if slightly intimidating, solution. 

Retail chain Morrisons, who have a history of playing with fire, have decided to up the ante once again, unleashing what might rank among the world’s spiciest sausages on an unsuspecting public. The supermarket’s new “Hellfire” sausages have been made with ingredients so horrifying they’re likely to make you long for the days when dodgy sausages were made from sawdust and pig eyelashes. 

Credit: Morrisons

In addition to Morrisons’ premium “Best Meat” sausage mince, the Hellfires have a hostile blend of three of the world’s spiciest chili peppers – the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Naga Ghost chili. With that sort of line-up, you might do well to keep a large tub of ice cream handy before you tuck in. 

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This advice was echoed by none other than Morrisons’ own Sausage Buyer, Campbell Breakwell. In an interview with Sick Chirpse, Mr Breakwell revealed:

“We believe these sausages will be popular with customers preparing for a month of fright and fireworks so we’re excited for them to experience the heat – perhaps with a glass of milk on the side?”

The sausages are set to be available until the 19th of November, so daring pork lovers have a few weeks to get their hands on the goods. Retailing at £2.50 for a pack of six, or £4 for two packs, it’s arguably never been more cost-effective to give your rectum the most miserable 24 hours of its life.