You can now get pineapple-flavoured Pepsi cans

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Fruit in cola can be a touchy subject. Unless you’re talking about a thin sliver of lemon or maybe a wedge of orange, actually mixing your ice-cold can with the contents of a fruit salad bowl will more often than not attract some seriously odd looks. However, just because it sounds a bit weird, it doesn’t mean that the results can’t be delicious. 

Following in the footsteps of fruity pioneers like Cherry Coke, perennially second-best cola company Pepsi has decided to up the ante – introducing some flavours that really push the boat out. Included in this new lineup is the weird-sounding, yet suggestively refreshing Pepsi Pineapple. 

Originally released in Japan back in 2019, the cans have since been spotted in Walmart stores across the United States, and is believed to be an exclusive release. Presumably, if the twist gets a warm reception, Pepsi may make plans for a wider international roll-out. 

Although the pineapple infusion is certainly the most eye-catching, it isn’t the only new fruit-filled member of the Pepsi lineup to make an appearance in stores. Eagle-eyed shoppers have also spotted mango and lime-flavoured cans, proving that pineapple isn’t your only option if you want to spice things up.

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Though reviews are still few and far between, the general reaction seems to be pretty positive. According to Instagrammer @hodgekaze:

“The latest edition [sic.] to the Pepsi family, Pepsi Pineapple, is starting to appear on shelves. I found it at Walmart today. How does it hold up against Mango, Lime and Berry? (couldn’t find my last Berry can for the photo, I think I drank it)

“Its tied for first with Lime in my opinion. Followed by Berry, then Mango. I don’t really care for colas but if you put a splash of fruit juice in there I’m all for it. So thanks Pepsi for getting fruity! Loving these flavors!”

It might sound a little bizarre, but if it lives up to this hype, then we’re all for it!