You can now get sausage-scented wrapping paper for your Christmas presents

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

You know that feeling when you’ve spent ages agonising over the perfect gift, but it still feels like something’s missing? Maybe you’ve dropped thousands of pounds on a new designer handbag, or perhaps you’ve lovingly curated a handcrafted album-load of magical memories, and yet can’t quite think of the right way to present the finished product. Put away that overelaborate packaging and panic no more. You can now improve any gift by making it smell of sausages. 

Thanks to the proud pork lovers at the Jimmy Dean sausage company, you never need to worry about your gift not making an impression, as you now have the option of covering it in sausage-scented wrapping paper. Having first dropped back in 2018, the piggy paper is making a return, hopefully stunning the next generation of unsuspecting giftees. 

Credit: Jimmy Dean

According to the product’s official description on the Jimmy Dean website: 

“Our sausage-scented wrapping paper is here to turn your gifts into delicious ones! Whether it’s used to wrap gifts or to tease the family dog, this wrapping paper’s mouth-watering scent will put you in the most delectable of daydreams.”

The paper has made its return after a year-long absence as part of Jimmy Dean’s new Gift Exchange programme.  Anyone eager to participate can “make a recipe with Jimmy Dean Sausage, upload a photo of the dish to the site, and choose which free gift they would like to receive,” according to a press release.

Credit: Jimmy Dean

In addition to the wrapping paper, participants can opt for “Sausage-Flavored Candy Canes”, “Cowboy Slipper Boots” and “Sweet ‘N Savory Lip Balm”. From the looks of things, there’s never been a better time to throw a sausage-themed celebration.