You can now get snack ‘chips’ made of crispy fish skin

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Snacking on something salty, thin and crispy has always been virtually irresistible. Whether it’s the seductive curves of a Pringle or the erratic wobble of a Walkers, chip-based nibbles have long been the Achilles heel of all but the most puritanical eater. 

So popular is the slim snack blueprint that we’ve turned basically every pliable ingredient on earth into a packet of crispy joy. Potatoes, wheat, corn and even vegetables have all got the treatment. However, while we’re all open-minded when it comes to strange chip flavours, one new development may push the boundary of taste from intriguing to outright bizarre. Say hello to crispy fish skin.

Created by the “Good Fish” food company, the unusual snack delivers exactly what it says on the tin. Made from sustainably sourced salmon skin, the packets come in several different flavours, including “Sea Salt”, “Spicy BBQ”, “Chilli Lime”, “Tart Cranberry”, the company claims that they provide an Omega-3 boost and are rich in marine collagen, making them a healthy alternative to other snack options. 

Check out these delicious Crispy Fajita Fish Tacos:

Good Fish has also placed extra emphasis on the sustainability of their enterprise. As they explain on their website:

“When we say sustainable we mean it. Goodfish is made in as few steps as possible with salmon from well-managed fisheries, so that you get a great tasting and environmentally-friendly salmon snack.”

Despite the slightly strange central ingredient, the Good Fish manufacturing process sounds significantly less suspicious than many of its snacking competitors. As stated on the website:

“Salmon skins are shipped on ice to our kitchen in CT USA where they’re dried, prepared with organic, non-GMO ingredients like chilli and lime juice, then fried to crispy perfection. No weird gelification processes or ingredients you can’t pronounce.”

If fish skins still sound like a step too far, consider that many of us are more than happy to chow down on a bag of dried pork bits without a second’s hesitation. In that context, chilli-flecked salmon sounds like a delicious alternative.