You Can Now Get Tie-Dye Shirts Made With Actual KFC Gravy

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In ordinary circumstances, a gravy stain on a new shirt is a serious setback. No one likes to be rocking their plain white T with a massive brown splodge sitting straight in the centre. It makes you look less like a fashion icon and more as if you’ve just lost a food fight with a five-year-old. 

However, where most shoppers see a sauce situation as worth avoiding at all costs, one artist sees an opportunity. New for 2019, Kentucky-based designer Coleman Larkin has come up with a way to turn spillage into success, with a range of KFC gravy-inspired tie-dye t-shirts. Hippies, eat your heart out – tie-dye just got delicious. 

Credit: Kentucky for Kentucky

Unlike other artists, who might claim to be “inspired by” ingredients without actually incorporating them into their work, Larkin has gone all-in on the gravy motif. To create his clothing, he uses “100% real gravy from a 100% real KFC” fresh from Lexington, Kentucky. 

Check out a clip of the shirts getting made:

In the description of the accessory on the “Kentucky for Kentucky” website, the creation of each shirt is described as a “painstaking proprietary process”, which:

“…ensures that every mouth-watering garment is ruined to perfection with a unique, hypnotizing stain designed to induce the world’s first and only gravy-based psychedelic experience.”

Watch what happens when this guy only eats KFC for a week:

Although they were originally intended to be a Thanksgiving special, the shirts are still available through the “Kentucky for Kentucky” shop, where they retail for $50. Speaking to the KfK website, creator Larkin said:

“When it comes to Thanksgiving, you’ve got your turkey people and your sides people. Me? I’m all about that sauce. I wanted to create a wearable work of art for all the other sauce kings and kweens out there living that grimey sauce life. I see you and I appreciate your struggle.”

Credit: Kentucky for Kentucky

It might not be especially voguish, but there’s no doubting that a gravy-based tie-dye is a good way to make a splash at a time of year where gravy is front and centre.