You can now take on a giant 16-and-a-half pound sushi donut eating challenge

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As a favourite of health food fans the world over, the words “sushi” and “eating challenge” don’t seem to naturally go together. Like “pickle juice” and “ice cream” or “Donald Trump” and “President of the United States”, there’s something about the pairing that just doesn’t sit well for many people. Nonetheless, despite the natural objections to turning sushi into some sort of gut-busting greed-off, one restaurant has decided the time is right to introduce the world to a new form of food competition.

For sushi fanatics who never feel fully happy with a normal nori roll or sashimi slice, WAVE Asian Bistro and Sushi in Mount Dora, Florida have released the perfect dish. Weighing in at over 16-pounds, the restaurant have recently announced a colossal new addition to the menu in the form of a giant sushi donut. If there’s anything that sums up the flavours of Japan and the appetite of America, this creation is surely it.

Assembling such a behemoth is no mean feat. To begin construction, six pounds of sticky sushi rice are carefully pressed into a bundt tin, creating a hollow rice casing ready for the rest of the ingredients. Shredded carrots, sliced cucumber, spicy ahi tuna and strings of daikon radish are then layered inside the tin, before the whole thing is sealed with more rice and turned out onto a seaweed-covered work surface.

In order to add some much needed finesse to the exterior, the donut is then draped in a selection of sushi staples. Salmon, tuna and seabass make up the fishy contingent before discs of cucumber and pickled radish are pressed alongside avocado slices, creating a cloak of unadulterated yumminess. This is then finished with a dusting of fish eggs, seaweed salad, sesame seeds and a sprinkle of scallions. The result is quite something to behold.

The next natural step in any food challenge is the attempted eating. However, given the scale of the task, this was not a job for any run-of-the-mill diner. Fortunately for their inaugural trial run of the giant donut challenge, WAVE had a couple of experts on hand to try and get the job done.

Semi-professional scoffers Nathan Figueroa and Nathan Dompierre have eaten an array of unusual things in the name of fame and fortune on their various YouTube channels, though few things as daunting as the giant donut. Filming together with other channel “Hellthyjunkfood”, who also helped to construct the donut with head chef Jonathan, the pair sat down to the task. However, even for these specialists, WAVE’s monstrosity proved to be too much. Though Figueroa managed to finish his eight-pound half, Dompierre fell agonisingly short. Clearly, giant donuts are not a matter to take lightly.

Give the scale of the new menu item, WAVE are unsure whether they will include it as a permanent addition to their menu, or if it will exist only as a special order item. According to Jonathan, public demand will dictate whether they take the challenge further. For the sake of every greedy sushi fan, we hope that they keep up the good work.