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Welcome to the Cheque It Out hub where we’ll be featuring the best independent restaurants from around the UK to whet your appetite for dining out once more!

January 22nd 2022


Although the world is in varying stages of lockdown, in England - and soon the rest of the UK - this April, restaurants will open their doors again, and so at Twisted we’re launching ‘Cheque It Out’, a campaign to get you out of the house, experiencing the joy of dining out and supporting your favourite local restaurants whilst you’re at it!

Our Cheque It Out campaign will see us create special episodes of Chefs Making Snacks, where we’ll be showcasing the chefs from some of the best independent UK restaurants who will cook a dish available on their menu when they open. We’ll also be doing chef takeovers of the Twisted Instagram, competitions, live Q&As, guides and interviews that you’ll be able to read right here on the Cheque It Out hub, where the chefs we feature will be talking to us about how they’ve gotten through the last year, what has kept them going and what we can expect from their restaurant on re-opening.