Indian restaurant is serving 'corona curries' that come with a naan mask

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As one of the most delicious dishes on the planet, curries can very rarely be described as tasteless. However, one Indian restaurant has recently decided to use the popular dish to push some buttons, adding a tongue-in-cheek and potentially controversial “Corona Curry” to the menu. 

The dish, which is being served at The Vedic restaurant in Jodhpur, has outraged and delighted customers in equal measure, many of whom aren’t sure exactly how they should feel about sitting down to a bowlful of edible masks and imitation COVID cells. 

Described by diners as a version of the restaurant’s popular “malai kofta” main course, the dish features several pandemic-related components. Customers are served a bowl of rich, creamy and heavily spiced tomato curry, flecked with yoghurt and fresh coriander. Floating on the surface of the sauce, like a pair of deep-sea mines, are two spiked “corona” koftas, made from a mixture of potato and paneer. 

Alongside the sauce and viral balls is a heavily buttered naan flatbread, shaped and cut to look exactly like the disposable face masks that have become commonplace in restaurants all over the world. The major difference with this “mask” is that it’s designed to catch sauces rather than Corona. 

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In a post promoting the dish on their Instagram, The Vedic revealed their intention to face the viral threat head-on, writing: 

“Overcome the fear of corona with world's first ever invented in corona Pandemic... #covidcurry served with #masknaan. We are super proud of being world's first inventor of these unique concept... the motto behind this dish is to bring awareness about #coronavirus

Unsurprisingly, reaction to the curry has been mixed. Many have seen the funny side and praised the restaurant for coming up with “something incredible” and “such an uncommon dish.” Others, however, have been a little more hesitant, questioning whether specifically invoking something that’s ruining the restaurant industry is necessarily a good idea. Time will tell if both the virus and the curry are here to stay.