Mountain Dew have created Game of Thrones cans that change colour to reveal Arya's kill-list

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Mountain Dew has retained its status as the world’s leading nerd fuel for decades. Anyone who has ever dedicated pointless hours to shooting people on the internet or pulled an epic all-nighter to celebrate their favourite film knows that there are some social events that just aren’t the same without a bottle of something lurid, green and vaguely lemony. Occupying the strange nomansland between energy and soft drinks, Mountain Dew have built themselves a very lucrative niche.

As the go-to aperitif for legions of diehard fantasy fanatics, it shouldn’t come as a great shock to learn that Mountain Dew have been watching the hype around the new season of HBO’s global sensation, “Game of Thrones”, with great interest. They aren’t the only ones. The last few months have seen beers, whiskies and even Oreo’s jump on the wintery band wagon. Now, two weeks before the screening of the final season, Mountain Dew have finally decided to enter the fray.

To celebrate this seminal TV event, the American-based beverage makers have unveiled an all new, limited edition drinks can. A far cry from the bright, garish green that usually distinguishes their product, this drink is pale, plain and understated. When lukewarm, it looks more like a landscape you’d come across north of the Wall than something you’d want to put in your mouth. Leave it in the fridge for a few hours, however, and the drink is completely transformed.

As soon as the packaging reaches a certain temperature, the hite covering of the can melts away, instead revealing the names on Arya Stark’s notorious kill-list. As if this wasn’t chilling enough, this list even includes those who have already been killed over the course of the previous seven seasons. Written in an ice blue script and replete with eerie, pallid green slashes, the new drink is way less ostentatious and a whole lot more sinister than its traditional relatives.

Unfortunately for anyone who wants to get their hands on a can, it’s not a question of popping into your local corner shop. The cans will only be available to those who promote the brand on social media using the hashtags “#ACanHasNoName”, “#ForTheThrone” and “#MTNDEWsweepstakes”. Contestants will be expected to tell Mountain Dew what they would sacrifice to get their hands on the Iron Throne - only then will they be rewarded with a drink.

The faceless cans aren’t the only piece of throne-themed advertising being employed by Mountain Dew. Fans in New York and Los Angeles will also be able to take part in a treasure hunt in the build up to the premiere, hunting for “Masters of Coin” around a city, who will in turn reward them with a special token that can be used in select “Iron Throne” vending machines. The details of this particular promotion are still forthcoming. What is clear is that, whatever you think of Mountain Dew, you could never accuse them of taking Season Eight lightly.